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List of Hotels


We would like to make you aware of a situation that has been brought to our attention. There is a company, Exhibition Housing Management (EHM), who has been contacting attendees of upcoming events to assist with hotel reservations.

Please note that only GUARANT International, as the official World Tour Secretariat, is authorized to offer hotel reservation services for the IFHNOS World Tour 2016.

In case you are contacted by any other companies/ unknown vendors by phone or emails, we urge all attendees not to sign anything or enter into any conversation with them or reply to any emails.


A number of hotels of various categories at reduced rates are available for participants of IFHNOS 2016 World Tour. All hotels are located within reasonable distance from the Orea hotel Pyramida.

A map of hotels is available here.


Price in EUR

Deposit Required

Cancellation Fee

Orea Hotel Pyramida Zone


Orea Hotel Pyramida

98 / 119

1 night

1 night

World Tour Venue


105 / 105

1 night

1 night

2 km / 18 min by tram (historic centre of Prague)


Jelení Dvůr

74 / 74

1 night

1 night

1,4 km / 7 min by tram


36 / 55

1 night

1 night

800 m / 12 min

Wilhelm – triple room


All rates quoted are per room per night including breakfast and 15% VAT. Should VAT change before the beginning of the World Tour, the World Tour Secretariat will automatically change the price of your hotel room and inform you in writing about the new rate.

Please note that price of accommodation is not included in the registration fees.

To make a hotel reservation, it is necessary to fill in the Online Accommodation Form.

Group reservations

For group reservations please contact the World Tour Secretariat at e-mail address, telephone number +420 284 001 444 or fax number +420 284 001 448. Our professional staff will assist you to find a suitable hotel for your stay and handle your reservation.

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