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Good to Know

Czech Language

Even though at all the hotels, shops and restaurants in Prague are English spoken, we include a few basic Czech words and sentences that can be useful during your stay in Prague.

Hi Ahoj
Hello Dobrý den
Good evening Dobrý večer
Good night Dobrou noc
How are you? Jak se máte?
I am fine Mám se dobře
Thank you Děkuji
How much is it? Kolik to stojí?
Beer Pivo
Would you like to go for a beer? Nechceš jít na pivo?
One Jeden
Two Dva
Three Tři
Ten Deset


The Prague weather in October can vary considerably from one end of the month to the other. Daytime temperatures usually vary between 5°C and 13°C, or 42 to 56 degrees Fahrenheit, a big change from September. With low cloud cover five or six hours of sunshine may be expected every day although the heat from the sun may not be very strong. The weather in Prague in October should not be taken lightly. It pays to have a warm jacket especially during the night-time hours. Occasionally one may enjoy some Indian Summer weather when a day, or couple of days, of high temperatures comes along, but do not count on it. October, especially towards the end of the month, can even make September seem like a distant memory so be sure to have long sleeves and long trousers. A jacket or light coat should be packed also but for now don't be taking out you winter woollies. They should not be needed. On the good side rainfall is quite a rarity and the high, cloudless skies bring a freshness and healthy air that everyone relishes. You can check for current weather conditions in Prague at


The official currency of the Czech Republic is the Czech Crown = Česká koruna (CZK = Kč) which is subdivided into 100 hellers (h). International credit cards are accepted for payment in most hotels, restaurants and shops. Exchange offices and ATM machines are easily available throughout the city and at the Prague International Airport. Payment in cash in EUR is also available in some restaurants and shops, please ask for details on-site. You can find the official exchange rates on the website of the Czech National Bank.

Time Zone

The Czech Republic is on Central European Time – Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) plus 1 hour. From April to October is summer time, i.e. GMT + 2 hours.


Most shops in Prague are open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday till Saturday. Shops in the city centre are usually open from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m., Monday till Sunday.


Service is usually included in the bill in bars and restaurants but tips are welcome. If you consider the service good enough to warrant a tip, we suggest about ten percent.

Ac Power Plugs And Sockets

The Czech Republic uses a 220 volt 50Hz system, sockets have the European standard and plugs are three-prong grounded.


The organizers can accept no liability for personal injuries or for loss or damage to property belonging to the Congress participants, either during or as a result of the event. Participants are advised to take out proper travel and health insurance before departing from their home country.

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